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In a world that has gone digital, it’s essential that you have a vibrant DIGITAL presence!!!

It is all the more so, if you’re in business, no matter what size your business is or what industry your business belongs to.

Being ONLINE is where your customers will find you, this is where your business opportunities are generated and this is where your brand’s image can be increased through showcasing of your products / services.

KalVas Global, a top Web Development & Digital Marketing Agency provides solutions where design, branding, technology and marketing intersect.

From designing beautiful Websites with compelling copy to providing innovative Digital Marketing services, creating user-friendly Mobile Applications and more, KalVas Global provides out-of-the-box solutions that drives traffic, converts visitors into customers and accelerates your sales and business growth.

For KALVAS,your results comes first and our cutting-edge expertise will just ensure that – exceptional ROI..
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Why Digital Marketing is required for A Business?

In a world that is globalized more than ever and where businesses are inter-connected across geographical boundaries more than ever, Digital Marketing has become the norm. Its enormous and growing importance can be estimated from the fact that no matter what products or services, businesses deal in, Digital Marketing remains an essential, the need of the hour.

Simply put, the unwritten rule is - Get your business powered by Digital Marketing ELSE risk getting shipped out of the market by smarter competitors driven by Digital Marketing.

First, let us be clear as to what exactly is ‘Digital Marketing’?

Simple, it’s a digital process that promotes and markets a business’s products or services, reaching out to people in ways that is unthinkable in Traditional Marketing. In other words, it’s a sophisticated technique that allows businesses to reach out to the right audience and educate them about the merits and benefits of their business and products / services.

The USP of Digital Marketing is that it offers a level-playing field for all businesses, regardless of size, industry or geography.  By offering a clean level-playing field, it has made itself indispensable, a necessity for business growth and innovation today and beyond.


For any business to thrive in a competitive marketplace, it’s important to not only have a local presence, but also have a national as well as an international presence. This is where Digital Marketing helps and the benefits that it offers are manifold like:

HAS MORE IMPACT: Digital Marketing uses targeted research and analytics to swiftly determine which marketing campaign will work and will have more impact and influence on the audience. This in turn will help save up on spending and resources as well. In addition, it will also help to target only specific audiences making it easier to know which kind of Ad can lead to better impact and sales. Overall, it helps prevent spending on under-performing campaigns.

EXTREMELY COST-EFFECTIVE: Digital Marketing with its direct reach to people is more cost-effective than Traditional Marketing. This in turn helps to cut down on excessive marketing budget, and bring down costs and expenses while assuring a more effective advertising channel that reaches out to the customers in ways that is not possible with traditional marketing.

DELIVERS PERSONALIZED ATTENTION: With its ability to reach out to more people and provide direct personalized user-experience, Digital Marketing assures direct personalized attention, providing businesses better insight into customer-segmentation. By learning about customer behavior and preferences, businesses can work out their marketing strategy better to create a more ideal customer-experience. With better customer-experience, comes increased customer trust and loyalty, fueling increased customer-conversions.

FACILITATES BETTER CUSTOMER-ENGAGEMENT: A market survey by Global Web Index reveals that more than 80% of Internet users own a Smartphone and around 90% of the time is devoted to apps on the Smartphone’s. This means that with Mobile Digital Marketing, your business can get closer to more people, often across geographical boundaries, thereby ensuring a more personalized user-experience while opening-up a wider world of opportunities.

GENERATES INCREASED CONVERSIONS: With an effective Digital Marketing campaign, your business can succeed in attracting more traffic to your Website that through efficient leveraging tactics can be converted into leads and eventually full-fledged conversions and sales.

TRACK CUSTOMER’S JOURNEY: When combined with Google Analytics or other analytic tools, Digital Marketing helps your business to monitor all of your customer’s actions and preferences, thus offering a peek into their likes and dislikes. This way, you can fine-tune your offerings and provide them with better products / services, combined with the perfect experience.

GENERATES HIGHER ROI & REVENUE: By facilitating greater direct reach to customers and increasing outreach efforts, Digital Marketing helps to raise your revenue earnings. In addition, by helping create a more effective persuasive outreach campaign, Digital Marketing will enable your business to earn a more effective ROI as well.

ALLOWS TWEAKING: Digital Marketing makes it possible for your business to tweak its campaign strategy, by fine-tuning its appearance or content or image in line with prevalent trends, and then reuse the campaign structure without interrupting the flow of your marketing campaign.

MAKES BUSINESS MORE COMPETITIVE: By providing a level-playing field for all businesses, it offers your business (even those with fewer budgets) the opportunity to compete with other businesses. This way, your business can target customers across geographical boundaries, making it more competitive and competent.

To get the best out of Digital Marketing, your business needs an effective Digital Marketing strategy as well as efficient Digital Marketing services. This is where KalVas Global, a top-rated Digital Marketing Agency, will cater to all of your business expectations.

Known for providing result-oriented Digital Marketing services ranging from Search Engine Optimization services to Search Engine Marketing services, PPC services, Social Media Marketing services and more, KalVas delivers true scale and reach for your business. By understanding your target-audience and creating a tailor-made Digital Marketing strategy, KalVas works to achieve the results that your business would expect.

As one of the best Digital Marketing companies, KalVas Global helps to build your business brand reputation and gain better ROI. By enlisting KalVas Global as your Digital Marketing Agency partner, your business will also get better connected with consumers and much more effectively, assuring strength and success to your business.


In today’s cut-throat business environment that straddles geographical boundaries, businesses need to have a strong Digital Marketing strategy supplemented by effective Digital Marketing services. This in turn will assure better cost-efficiency, better and more data vital for taking better decisions and achieving greater customer-trust. For of that to happen, you need consistent support and a source that knows your brand and market inside and out. KalVas Global true to its market status as a premier Online Marketing Agency can just be that and more, caring about your business as much as you do.


Why your business needs a website?

In today’s cut-throat competitive marketplace, whether you’re a small or large business owner or just starting out, a Website has come to be recognised as the first essential requirement to have. It’s just not possible to rely anymore on word-of-mouth or print marketing, to get across to people who matter to your business.

Running your own business is no easy task and to reach out to more people, is
not easy at all. Your business needs to position itself quickly with a strong, professional presence that will inform the customers that you mean business and that you want to engage with them to get business.

This is where a Website comes in, as a platform that will showcase all of your business as it is with complete information that matters and tells all about your products / services. A Website will work to accomplish many different marketing strategies to help your business grow.

 No Website means your business stands the risk of losing out on customers as well as on great opportunities. Such is its importance and utility value that a well-known marketing expert, Marie Perill had said,” An effective Website is the cornerstone of your business – it houses information, and your customers expect you to have one.”

A Website is no more an expensive luxury, but an essential key tool that every business should have. For a Website to have an impact, it needs to have an impressive ‘First Impression’. By projecting the right first impression with an impressive look, your business would be able to send across the right message and strike the right chemistry with the right audience. Such a Website should be professionally designed and developed, something that premier UI UX Web Design Company, KalVas revels in. With its extensive user-experience design expertise and skills, KalVas can produce a professional, polished looking Website that is pretty and easy on the eye, with all of the features that makes navigating the Website an enjoyable and pleasant experience.

With flexible and smooth navigation, strong photo images, professional quality content and excellent overall presentation, a KalVas designed Website will provide users an experience that will engage them enough for them to do business with your business.


A Website brings along with it lot of healthy benefits that helps grow your business to a higher level. Here are some compelling reasons as why your business needs a professional Website:

ROBUST ONLINE PROFILE: If you’re in business in today’s marketplace,your business needs to have a robust online presence. This is where a Website comes into picture. A Website will tell all about the kind of business as it is, providing all the information that a customer would like to know – your business’s nature and location; type of products / services provided; and so on. Such a Website will provide your business with the professional image that you desire for your brand and the credibility that you look to generate for your brand.

QUICK UPDATION: A Website will make it easier for you to quickly update business information and details of your products / service, the same of which is not possible in a print brochure or newspaper or flyer or catalogue. This way a Website stays up-to-date with the latest prevalent trends and information unlike print media mediums which cannot do so, thus becoming outdated quickly. Further, it’s possible to set right mistakes or wrong information in a Website, and later post it, for a quick fix.

LOW-COST MARKETING: A Website helps to cut down on excess of advertising and marketing efforts and costs. There is no need for extra advertising or marketing as is in the case of Television or Print commercials. Add to this, a Website also provides for a far wider reach than any other form of advertising. For all of these to be a long-time success, your Website needs to be a well-designed attractive and informative Website with hassle-free loading and browsing experience.

MORE CUSTOMER OPPORTUNITIES: A Website offers the unique advantage of reaching out to more people across geographical boundaries. This way a Website will market your business as well as your products / services with the added benefit of increasing your customer-base exponentially, through successful conversion of customers outside of your geographical area.

FACILITATES BUSINESS GROWTH: By virtue of its ability to reach out to more people across geographical boundaries, a Website helps any kind of business, big or small, to grow and develop its own unique brand, competing with rivals in a tough marketplace.

PROPS UP CUSTOMER-SERVICE IMAGE: A Website helps a business to shore-up its customer-service image and provide true value-added services. This way, it helps build-up a better image of your business in the eyes of the customers, encouraging them to come back to your business when they look for your kind of products / services. In addition, your business will also acquire greater legitimacy in their eyes, if TIPS on how to use your products / services to better their own requirements and extract the best benefits out of them, are also included in the Website. Furthermore, a FAQ Web Page as well as a Resources Web Page comprising of useful articles or uploading newsletters, if included in theWebsite, can also work wonders to elevate the level of your customer-

24 HOURS PRESENCE: A Website is available all of the 24 hours 365 days a year, across geographical boundaries. This allows anyone anywhere in the world to open up your Website and learn all about your business. There is no requirement for supervision of the Website or locking-up of the Website, which means that the user anywhere is assured of a hassle-free browsing experience with no restrictions.

ADDS QUALITY VALUE: As a focal point of reference, a Website brings tremendous value to your business. It provides greater reach, ample convenience and a touch of individualised customer-service, eventually offering customers a high level of satisfaction. When synchronised with Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc, a Website will be an even more cost-effective way to market and promote your business long-term.

For a Website to be an effective marketing medium, you need a reliable source with the expertise and skills to design a Website that strikes an instant chord with the users. When it comes to that, there are few better names than KalVas, a leading UI/UX Web Design company with an impeccable track record of providing the best UI UX designs, supplemented by the best of UI UX services. The creative team of UI UX designers and developers at KalVas can conceive a eye-catching, fast-loading Website with many interactive features and add-ons, that will instantly persuade users to sign-up for your products / services and also purchase directly, even when you’re away from your desk or have shut your business chores for the day.

KalVas comprehensive array of UI UX design services and all-round user-experience design capabilities will help your business acquire a Website that will not only reach an even wider audience, but also makes it easier for your business to attract clients from a global market.


A Website can be much more than your marketing ally. It can project the true picture of your business, providing crucial details about your products or services in various online formats from graphics to video, ebooks and more, all of it with no distribution needed. Once it’s up and running, you will make your business available to interested customers indefinitely, thus saving precious time that otherwise gets wasted in communicating the same message over and over again to different people.

By getting an attractive UI UX Web Design, done by leading UI UX design company, KalVas, you stand to gain in tapping not just opportunities, but also in tapping more customers and more sales, from a wider and broader market across geographical boundaries.