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Pay-Per-Click is generally assumed to be ineffective or unfit for present business marketing requirements, by most people. The said impression mainly stems rather from poorly-structured and managed PPC campaign that produces less than favourable results, than what PPC can really produce.

The fact remains that PPC is here to stay, still possessing the ability to provide your business the benefits that it so badly needs. All that is required is proper planning, management and monitoring of your PPC strategy and PPC campaign, with the appropriate PPC marketing toolkit.

Extracting the most out of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, is not an easy task for it requires ample skills and expertise which only the best PPC Agency can offer.

This is where, KalVas Global steps in. Known for its ability to provide newer ways to boost your business, KalVas Global has all of the credentials to stay as the best choice for all of your PPC services requirements.

As a leading PPC Agency with an impeccable track-record to its name, KalVas Global remains an ideal choice for all of your PPC requirements, for every occasion.

KALVAS Information Technologies, as a competent PPC Agency, offers results- generating best Pay-Per-Click services with a data-driven approach inclusive of an effective PPC strategy for ultimately creating a successful PPC campaign. From all-round PPC research to analysis and creating adverts that cater to your customer needs and ensuring that they reach them effectively through keywords that are relevant; and finally, overall PPC campaign review, KALVAS focuses on tracking and maximising leads, not just mere clicks.


KalVas Global offers the following PPC services:


 Based on your business goals and opportunities,KALVAS crafts a PPC strategy plan, taking into account your audience’s preferences, how they interact, and what content they consume. Using the inputs, the strategy looks to adjust the PPC campaign to make it as effective as possible, with maximum performance where your target- audience are served the correct message.


Using industry-leading PPC strategies and cutting-edge PPC techniques, KALVAS’s team perform a PPC Audit that involves a comprehensive analysis of suggested optimisations and detailed feedback from KALVAS’s PPC experts, culminating in a PPC audit report that comes with recommendations to better-improve the PPC campaign. The whole purpose is to fine-tune the PPC campaign making it results-driven, spotting opportunities, increasing CTR and conversion rates for a quality ROI and eventual spike in your final sales and business results.


 This involves full-optimisation of the existing PPC campaign using data and raw facts to make informed decisions on action-points. From optimisations for split-tasting to exercising control over targeting and ad copy and more, KALVAS’s PPC Management services ensures sustained peak performance, best possible outcome and immediate flow of traffic to your Website.


Using advanced PPC techniques, KALVAS’s team of PPC experts measures metrics like Click-Through-Rate, Conversion Rate and other key performance indicators, to provide a full-monthly report of the PPC campaign. In addition, the report will also provide a detailed picture about your PPC strategy’s progress with recommendations to tweak-it for still better campaign performance and improved ROI.