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KalVas Global provides the following professional SEO services:

KEYWORD RESEARCH: Website content with wrong or poor keywords can be a disaster, derailing the ability of the Website to position on Google’s 1st SERPs. To rectify this anomaly, you need Keyword Research and this is where you need KALVAS’s unique Keyword Research capabilities can play a key role. KALVAS’s Keyword Research involves selecting the most important searchable keywords that attracts net-traffic to your Website. The right keywords will help fuel concrete leads and eventually, quality conversions that matters the most to your business.

SEO AUDIT: It’s important to have an SEO audit of your Website, to reconfirm that it’s indeed working well for your business. Through KALVAS’s structured and objective SEO Audit makes it possible to navigate the technical aspects of your Website, find the strong and weak areas of your Website and understand where the deficiencies lies in not attracting a healthy Website traffic flow. Further, the SEO audit will also provide for in-depth metrics and brand discovery, alongside the reasons for the success of your competitors and puts in place recommendations to enhance your online presence as well as shore up your business sales and bottom-line.

ONSITE OPTIMISATION: It helps to attune your Website for search algorithms and users thereby building the foundation for better search page rankings and helping your marketing strategies succeed. KALVAS’s On-Site Optimisation services involves running an evaluation of your Website content so as to plan and implement a well-structured strategy for your Website, taking into consideration the importance of UX and on-site optimisation needs for the site user journey as well as performance indicators (KPIs). Further, On-page SEO, Content, Titles and descriptions and Internal Links, are structured to get traffic to your Website. This could help your Website garner more leads and ensure more realistic conversions.

LOCAL SEO: To earn maximum local visibility for your business, it’s imperative that your Website is attuned to local trends and caters to local sensitivities and needs. Towards this end, KALVAS offers high-class Local SEO services that involve tweaking your Website’s content with keywords that are sensitive to local needs for the said local area. From On-page to off-site factors like Google My Business and more, KALVAS’s expert SEO team will work to assure the most appropriate local Search Engine Optimisation services.

INTERNATIONAL SEO: It’s the exact opposite of Local SEO, which is confined to only the local area concerned. On the other hand, International SEO targets the wider international arena on a global scale. KALVAS’s International SEO solutions involves putting in place targeted Website Content with the landing pages at the right places where they need to be and where they can be spotted quickly. The whole purpose is to make sure that your Website gets maximum exposure through better search engine rankings, preferably Google’s 1st SERPs.

LINK BUILDING: It’s essential that your Website has well-timed and keyword-friendly relevant links that can help generate extremely positive SEO results. KALVAS’s Link Building solutions involves quality link-building tactics using creative content from quality links to procreate link-worthy optimised content that site-users, sites and influencers would want to link to; and build-up a cohesive White-Hat friendly Link-Building strategy.