Just getting your Website onto Google’s 1st SERPs is not enough nor just SEO services by themselves will be sufficient to ensure the same and sustain the same for a good period of time.

It must be understood clearly that there are millions and millions of Websites out there online, each trying to outdo the other to attract the right eyeballs and engage with as many potential customer as possible.

Market statistics tell that most searchers will only click on results found on Google’s 1st page and rarely beyond that. That is why it’s very essential that your business achieves one of those coveted of top spots on Google’s 1st page.

This is where your Website would require Search Engine Marketing (SEM), a technique that will enable your Website to stay consistently on Google’s 1st SERPs and be found out by the right target-audience.

KalVas Global Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services can revolutionise the way your Website markets your business, add value to it and not add the clutter already on the Web. With its deep understanding and knowledge of all facets of SEM techniques and technologies, KALVAS is well-positioned to offer SEM services that cater to your target-audience’s needs and their journey throughout all stages of the buying cycle.

KALVAS’s team of SEM experts with their extensive experience and industry knowledge, and through a well-oiled mix of innovative PPC and SEO tactics, can work-out and craft the most appropriate targeted SEM strategy to give your Website’s visibility a boost on search engines and get your brand seen by potential customers.


KalVas Global provides the following SEM services:

SEM STRATEGY: A successful SEM strategy helps connect you with the right prospects with the added advantage of converting them successfully into true customers, while also building awareness and engagement with the target-audience. The KALVAS strategy with a customised approach, involves an audit of your business’s goals and objectives, audience targets, and implementation recommendations. The aims is to raise your Website’s visibility and brand awareness online, deliver increased visitor traffic to your Website and finally, scale-up the number of leads, bookings or sales.
PAID SEARCH: KALVAS targeted advertising that facilitates text ads targeted to a user’s keyword search, to show up in search engines like Google, Bing, etc, all of it performed with strong analytics, for determining the right ROI.
CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING: KALVAS Text ads that are targeted to writings on the Web like Blogs or News Articles.